Welcome to the White Server Space!

This space displays the work that I completed during my Summer 2001 internship at Iowa State University Academic Information Technologies Web Support Services. I created 34 unique templates and about 430 total web pages, which were comprised of over 5,400 images.

These are all the templates that I designed:
My best designs are marked with a *
Move mouse over scroll-area, to stop movement.

ISU2 Template
ISU3 Template
ISU4 Template (gold hierarrays)
ISU5 Template (orange hierarrays)
ISU6 Template
ISU7 Template
ISU8 Template
ISU9 Template
ISU10 Template
ISU11 Template (Yellow)
ISU12 Template* (Red & Yellow)
ISU13 Template* (Blue & Red)
ISU14 Template
ISU15 Template (Gray)
ISU16 Template (Red)
ISU17 Template* (Gray with Field)
Cloud Template*
The Sky Is the Limit Template*
The Sky Is the Limit Library Template*
President Geoffroy Template*
ISU 19 Template (Color Squares)*
ISU 23 Template (Tiny Ag Pics)*
ISU 20 Template
ISU 25 Template
ISU 26 Template
ISU 27 Template (Random Images on Index)*
ISU 28 Template*
ISU 29 Template
Periodic Table Template
Blue Template*
Blue-Gray Template*
Orange and Gray Template*
Green and Orange Template
Blue Arrow Template*

16 Pics Flash Intro Page*

[This is a Loading Animation I Made]


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