Printed Works:

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Non-Audit Consulting Services Give Rise to Decline in Auditor Independence 5 pages
An essay on audit firms providing non-audit services to attestation clients.

Partnership Taxation Advice Memo 8 pages
A memo that addresses tax treatments for restoration (rehabilitation) credits for older homes and buildings, a land contribution through a third limited partner, and self-employment income & guaranteed payment information. [Memo no longer available to the public at the request of the professor]

Debt Covenant Disclosures 2 pages
An analysis of current FASB regulations for disclosing material debt covenants.

AOL's Advertising Costs: Asset or Expense 3 pages
Should America Online's advertising costs be capitalized or expensed immediately?

Accounting Memo on Extraordinary Items 2 pages
A recommendation on the reporting on the income statement of damages suffered from an earthquake in California.

Management Memos 3 pages

The Absence of Gendered Justice in Today's Society 13 pages
A political philosophy essay that links social justice, economics, and feminism with the justice system. It focuses on the work of Susan Okin.

Pornography v. Freedom of Choice; MacKinnon v. Mill 8 pages
A political philosophy essay
on the harmful effects of pornography and its censorship. It contrasts the philosophies of feminist Catherine MacKinnon and libertarian, free speech proponent, John Stuart Mill.

Obedience to Authority and the Military 6 pages
A psychological analysis essay that links obedience with the military system. It focuses on the experiments of Stanley Milgram.

Abstract on the Marriage Penalty 5 pages
An abstract of an article that explains the marriage penalty and the communitarian reasons for removing it.

The Importance of the FSLN in Nicaragua 8 pages
An essay on the achievements of the FSLN guerilla movement in Nicaragua during the second half of the 20th century.

What Makes the Character's Lives in Waiting for Godot Meaningful? 7 pages
n analytical essay that explains how the characters in Samual Beckett's popular play derive meaning in their lives.

Interpreting a Minor Scene in a Major Way from The Woman Warrior 8 pages
A literary analysis of a minor scene from Maxine Hong Kingston's popular book.

Nitrates and Our Groundwater 6 pages
An essay that explains the causes and effects of high levels of nitrates in our groundwater and possible solutions to curve the serious problem.

An Uphill Battle 4 pages
A comparative essay on family and factory hog farms. It explains some of the main differences between the two and the major changes taking place in the industry as a whole.

Freedom to Fantasize Speech
A speech outline on the government agricultural programs and their recent reforms.

The Economics of Health Care Speech
A speech outline that explains the health care industry, its costs, and associated problems.