Modesto Bank Project
A four person graduate project in which we implemented a new database system with a web interface for the bank products. We went through and documented all four phases of the system development life cycle.

SEC & Waste Management PowerPoint Presentation
A PowerPoint presentation on the requirements for a 10-K and S-3 in relation to Waste Management, Inc.

Networking Recommendations Memo
A three person project for recommendations for a computer network.

Managerial Decision Models Excel Project
A linear programming problem solved using Excel.

Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
A PowerPoint presentation that I did for my marketing business core class.

Accounting PowerPoint Presentation
A short PowerPoint presentation that I made with a team about the University of Iowa's accounting degree requirements.

2001 Federal Income Tax Projection
An income tax projection project. Requires Microsoft Excel.

Computer Analysis Simple Excel Project
A simple Excel workbook that uses tables, charts, formulas, and graphs.

Computer Analysis Excel Project
An Excel workbook that uses pivot tables, pivot charts, and Solver.

GUI Java Project
A very simple GUI frame that was created in Java. Uses loops.